How To Spy on Text Messages

Spying on text messages is easy with the technology that is available.  If your child is texting all the time and you are curious as to what they are sending and receiving, you can use this text messaging intercept tool to find out what they are texting.


Some states have laws about sexting which is when kids send pictures of themselves.

It’s always best to know and protect your children from sending and receiving these types of messages.

So if you are wondering how to spy on text messages…again it’s very easy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing what your child is texting.

This service can also be used for tracking cell phone calls and tracking your child’s cell phone or smartphone via GPS. That way you can track your child’s whereabouts.

The world can be a cruel place but with a little peace of mind…it can be a better place for you and your family.


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  2. sharalene says:

    I need to spy on a phone that I dont have possession ofm I only have the phone number and cell phone provider name, what program can i use to see the text, incoming out going calls and even listen in on phone calls? Do you have or know of such a program

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